Love this post! Found the Thich Nhat Hans books on a journey to make a better world, and they brought me a lot of peace and healing. Adding a mindfulness practice to my work as an engineer & developer has been essential. I've read 7 TNH books now (he has written maybe 100 or so) and would recommend others to read his "Fear", "Anger", and "Power" books as top choices for a better life and world. Every book is such a gem! My partner and I started a local sangha where we live that just invites others in the LA area to come to the beach and meditate together.

TNH's ability to teach simple meaningful meditations from his books makes them worth the read and just reading the books brings great peace alone. We learn that to bring peace, healing, and transformation to the world, we first must bring peace, healing, and transfomration to ourselves.

My partner and I are working on making a real and workable new economy (a new game we like to call it) for humanity. It's something that started to become very clear to us as a need and it can be created from the people, for the people, and by the people. We started blogging about it at https://theway.quest

I found this "Grid Free Minds" blog from searching the word "Protopia" in a Google Images search and I've really been enjoying everything on it! Thank you for creating it and sharing your dreams for a better world! The graphic showing the concept of "Protopia" is ideal! It depicts the concepts of "entropy" (downward spiral) and "syntropy" (upward spiral) that are often challenging to convey to others. This "upward spiral" is the the life force, consciousness force, or even can be thought of as "love" that over time always causes a better future to emerge. TNH would call that the journey to the Pure Land :-)

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